Professionalism and Veganism

I am doing a food microbiology course, and we have just beed told that if we are vegetarian or vegan, we need to be "professional" and handle animal products in the exam anyway. We were told that it was just necessary, just a part of being professional, and they had two vegan students achieve a … Continue reading Professionalism and Veganism

Kilroy Graffiti @ UWE

What do you think of graffiti? I have returned to working on campus, in a 'COVID-secure' office, for the time being. The campus is not what it was, and the chaos and noise of students is very obviously missing. I've been in 22 days in total, and I have seen two people in corridors, and … Continue reading Kilroy Graffiti @ UWE

“It was such good service”

Over Christmas, I visited family friends on their doorstep. One of the couples I visited discussed their recent experience procuring their Christmas meal. It involved, in short, them changing their order at incredibly short notice, and it appears that the staff at the shop were very accommodating and forgiving. The family friend recounting this story … Continue reading “It was such good service”

I was on the train, and I saw a Lidl advert for vanilla ice cream.

I realised that the vanilla seeds in Lidl's ice-cream adverts are fake! I know this because they are of an equal size and colour and are roughly equidistant throughout. This is not what vanilla seeds in ice-cream usually look like. This means that Lidl are selling at least in part to a middle class audience. … Continue reading I was on the train, and I saw a Lidl advert for vanilla ice cream.

I’ve been a little busy

Sorry for the quietness, friends. I've been a little busy, but one thing I have done recently is this: It's an article arguing that people aren't selfish for stockpiling; because people that bought more food were just obeying what they were told to do, and I'm tired of people being shamed for eating, and … Continue reading I’ve been a little busy